Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

Supreme Court to rule on John Mahama’s request to reopen its case on Tuesday

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The Supreme Court has set February 16, 2021, to make a ruling on whether or not the petitioner’s legal team should be allowed to reopen its case.

This comes after Tsatsu Tsikata filed a motion of leave on Thursday, to re-open their case in the 2020 election petition, to enable the chairperson of the Electoral CommissionJean Mensa testify in court. 

Their motion comes after the Supreme Court ruled that the chairperson will not undergo cross-examination. 

The three parties, however, argued about the petitioner’s motion to reopen the case, while the petitioner said the Electoral Commission earlier assured the court of mounting the witness box in its affidavit. 

Adding that the petitioner closed the case because he thought the Chairperson of the 1st Respondent, Mrs. Jean Adukwei Mensa will make herself available for cross-examination.

“We had the expectation that the chairperson of the first respondent (Jean Mensa) will testify hence the closure of the case. 

“The Chairperson of the first respondent has in an affidavit made clear that the petitioner will in no way be prejudiced because the questions that the petitioner sought to have in interrogatories those will be subject matter in cross-examination,” Mr. Tsikata explained. 

But the respondents opposed this, stating that since the petitioner has closed its case the court should go ahead and rule based on the evidence before it.


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