Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Members of Parliament did not have a party – Parliament

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Director of Public Affairs at Parliament Kate Addo has refuted claims suggesting new Members of Parliamentheld a party at Aqua Safari in Ada after a successful three-day session on processes and proceedings.

Parliament on Monday published some photos of some MPs on the dance floor to climax a two-day training workshop organized by parliament. 

The photos which have since been deleted was captioned “One of the ways people bond with each other is through music and dance. After a hard two day’s work, new Members of Parliament took to the dance floor to release some stress.” 

These photos didn’t go down well to some section of the public as concerns were raised in regards to the recent surge in the cases of coronavirus in the country. 

It is also based on this that the president among other measures to curb the spread of coronavirus banned social gatherings including parties in the country.

Reacting to this development, Director of Public Affairs at Parliament Kate Addo in an interview with Ghanaweb said Parliament did not ignore the presidents’ directive on social gathering; adding that there was no party held at the event. 

She explained that “The MPs went for their regular dinner on the last day of which there was music. A few MPs while observing the COVID-19 protocols took to the dance floor for a few minutes. There was no intention whatsoever to disregard the president’s directive.” 

She adds that the pictures were shared to show the unity between the two political parties in parliament and to use that as an example for citizens to work closely together for Ghana’s good.Source:


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