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Stop insulting your political opponents, they’re not enemies – Korankye Ankrah

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Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah has advised politicians to stop the culture of insulting their political opponents because their contenders according to him are not enemies.

Rev Korankye Ankrah’s advice comes as political campaigns in the country reach their peak ahead of the December 7 polls.

The founder and leader of the Royalhouse Chapel, in a sermon on Sunday, November 1, 2020, said: “Ghana stop insulting your political opponent and contenders.

“They are not enemies.

“They just want what you have through legal means, that’s all.

“They are your competitors, that’s what elections and democracy is about.

“Democracy is a challenge, democracy is competition, democracy is sell your goods, I sell my goods let people buy the best.

“Democracy is I sell my message, you sell your message, let the people buy the message they want.

“Democracy is not bloodshed, democracy is not juju and killings, democracy is not ingratitude and ungratefulness. You can see what the person has done but you close your eyes and say ‘he hasn’t done anything.’ What kind of attitude is that? What politics is that?

“Acknowledge that he’s done something but promise the people you can do better and bigger, that’s what we want to hear…”

Rev Korankye Ankrah noted that most often the problem is not with the political leaders but those around them who feed them with lies.

He said: “Many times the problem is those around the political heads. They feed them with wrong information. God will judge all of you.

The Apostle General directed that: “When you’re in the Kings palace and you’re the ears of the king, it calls for prayer, it calls for the exercising of wisdom, it calls for empathy, it calls for humility, you must be prayerful and competent so that when you are giving him counsel you give him good counsel.”

Source: Class FM


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