Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

Let’s not regulate to kill – Socrates Safo tells Gaming Commission

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Movie Producer, Socrates Sarfo, who doubles as the Chairman of Film Classification Committee, has raised objections to the ban on celebrities to act as ambassadors for betting companies.

The Ghana Gaming Commission has banned betting companies from using celebrities to promote their activities.

The decision, according to the Commission, is due to the increasing number of celebrities endorsing betting companies which they believe could lure youngsters into gambling.

“Operators shall not use celebrities in their advertisements to entice the general public to gamble,” the statement read.

Speaking on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’, Socrates Sarfo called on the Gaming Commission to reconsider their regulations.

He emphasized that, though he believes in the importance of regulations, it is however not to be abused.

Socrates advised the Commission and all regulatory entities in the country not to “regulate to kill” because it could breed rebellion on the part of the people to whom the regulations are meant for.

In dissenting to the Gaming Commission’s ban on celebrities, Socrates asked why tobacco which poses health risks has little to no regulation, yet celebrities are being banned from playing ambassadorial roles for betting companies.

Socrates’ assertions are primarily based on the numerous restrictions on celebrities by regulatory bodies.

Not long ago, celebrities were also banned from advertising alcoholic beverages.

“I’m the Chairman for Film Classification Committee; I support regulation. There must be regulation on everything but we should not regulate to kill…For me, I support regulation but sometimes when you regulate things too much, you create room for people to rebel. Gaming has its repercussion effects but at least, please let’s regulate it responsibly,” he said.


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