Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Coronavirus: One student tests positive – Dr. Aboagye

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Dr. Dacosta Aboagye, the Chairperson of the Risk Communication and Social Mobilisation Committee for Ghana’s Coronavirus Response team has disclosed that a Senior High School second-year student has tested positive for COVID-19.

Ghana’s Senior High School Form Two students returned to school on 5 October and will complete the 2019-20 academic year on December 14.

Dr. Dacosta Aboagye explained that the student is currently receiving treatment and the situation is being managed effectively by the authorities.

The name of the school or the student in question was not mentioned due to security reasons, but Dr. Aboagye, in a report monitored by GhanaWeb told Joy News: “The parents have been informed and the person is currently having a little symptom and is under treatment. The parents have been informed, and all those that need to be informed.”

Dr Aboagye further stated that the student is likely to have contracted the virus from and started experiencing symptoms at school.

“But for many other schools we’ve not had any, compared to the very first time the schools were opened, here it’s been quite safe and nothing has happened apart from this one,” Dr. Aboagye said.

He then assured parents that their wards were safe, for, all the schools in the country were being monitored.

“Our Regional Director, our District Director will continue to do their monitoring and then we’ll keep on updating because so far we’ve not had any significant update anywhere,’ Dr. Aboagye said.


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