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John Mahama is an ‘Enemy’ to Islam – Saalim Bamba

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Alhaji Saalim Mansuru Bamba, the Ashanti Regional Nasara Coordinator of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described the NDC‘s flagbearer John Mahama as ‘Enemy’ to the Islamic Religion.
According to him, Mr. Mahama’s promise to build morgues in the Zongo goes contrary to the fundamentals and principles of Islam.
John Mahama has said he will construct more morgues – not less than 300 – in Zongo Communities if he comes to power again.
According to him, these structures are part of mediation programmes the NDC plans for Zongo Communities across the country.
In an interview on Woezor TV, Mr. Mahama said the ‘funeral homes’ will help contain the stress in handling the dead in Zongo Communities.
But Speaking on Ashh Fm’s National Agenda Tuesday 22nd September, 20, Alhaji Saalim Bamba said no faithful Muslim or a Muslim of good standing will deposit a dead body in morgue.
“In Islam , the dead should be buried as soon as possible, putting dead bodies in a morgue is forbidden under Islamic doctrines and it is considered a violation of the dignity of the human body, so I want to state it emphatically that, the Zongos don’t need morgues but rather better living’ , he stated.
Alhaji Bamba said, building Morgues for Zongo Communities is absolutely unnecessary and insult to the people of Zongo. ‘These are all lies the NDC has been perpetrating in the Zongo communities, the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is giving more recognition and attention to the numerous challenges affecting the Zongo Communities’, he added.
According to him, Muslims do not preserve their departed souls to be buried at a later date, so he is surprised about the motive of building morgues at the Zongo. ‘Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) once said it is Mustahab or preferred to bury the dead bodies few hours after their demise and this promise from John Mahama goes contrary to the Islamic doctrines’, he opined.
‘What the zongo community needs is education, scholarships, shelter, sanitation and proper policies to eradicate poverty and all these things the President Nana Addo and the NPP government is doing it in the Zongos ‘Since 1992 the NDC has never been in love with the Zongos, they only leverage on the ignorance of the people in the zongo community for their votes’
‘This promise of building morgues in the Zongos is in line with former President Mahama’s promise to legalize Okada, meaning more deaths awaits us and the only way to preserve the bodies is the building of morgues. This is a deliberate attempts by John Mahama to insult and violates the Islamic doctrines.’
Alhaji Saalim Bamba insisted that, former President Mahama is an enemy to Islam, hence no Muslim of good standing should cast his or her vote for the NDC.

Sources: myashhfmonline.com


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