Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

NDC’s manifesto is a robbery of NPP ideas – Adomako Baafi

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Former Director of Communications for the Ruling New Patriotic Party, Mr. Yaw Adomako Baafi has described the 2020 manifesto of the NDC as untruth, repetition of failed promises, and a shadow of the NPP’s ideas.

According to the NPP Communication team member, the manifesto put out by the NDC is a masterpiece of frustrations as a result of losing the 2016 elections.

Defining his assertion in an interview with GhanaWeb, September 8, 2020, Mr. Baafi said, “It’s a combination of lies, repetition of failed but broken promises and then again robbing of NPPs ideas. These were the very things that the NDC presented and brought to us.”

He explained that the NDC in their manifesto launched at the University of Professional Studies on Monday, gave themselves up by being contradictory in their claims and propositions.

“The NDC Chairman who was formally their Director of Elections confirmed that if NDC had been elected again they would’ve fixed dumsor. But I was surprised when yesterday out of effrontery and disrespect to the people of Ghana he came to say they fixed the dumsor before their exit….. so if he comes and tells us that they fixed dumsor, you can’t fathom it.”

The NPP communicator mentioned that he has so far outlined over 20 aspects of the NDC’s manifesto which are either lies or repetition of their 2012 manifesto.

He said that having failed to implement such policies between 2012 and 2016 when they were in power, the promises repeated by the NDC in their 2020 manifesto can be best be described as unachievable policies meant to deceive the people of Ghana.
“I admit that throughout the world nobody could’ve been able to complete his manifesto promises. But then when you also purge yourself or you set a timeline or a hallmark or a benchmark for you to be assessed that is where we look at…all these things that I am repeating if they were achievable why is it that they were not able to achieve it?” he questioned.

Speaking on the NPP ideas stolen by the NDC in the manifesto, Mr. Adomako Baafi made mention of the Zongo Development Fund, scrapping of the guarantor system for students loan applicants, scrapping and reduction of import duties as well as the free SHS, all of which he said the NDC openly stood against but have somehow captured them in their 2020 manifesto.

“We are implementing the Zongo and Inner-City Development policy, NDC made a mockery of it, and yesterday they made mention of it in their manifesto. This is a commendation they are giving us if they don’t know. NPP said with the student’s loan for tertiary students they don’t need any guarantor, the system will be made such that it is going to be guarantor free. The National ID card is going to be enough, then they come out to say that they are going to pay 50% of fees. Quite recently, not long ago you made a mockery of the Free SHS, now where are you going to get the money… Import duty, NPP has started scrapping some of them, and yesterday they mentioned about a hundred of them, it is so interesting,” he said.

On what alternative the New Patriotic Party is offering against the NDC’s manifesto promises which he characterized as lies, Mr. Adomako Baafi echoed the NPP’s campaign mantra by saying “we are offering consolidation of the things we have done under education, under energy, under infrastructure, underemployment and everything that we promised the people of Ghana.

We are not saying that Ghana can now be compared to America or let alone heaven but at least with what we inherited which John Mahama told us that all the flesh had been consumed leaving the bones, it has taken someone with a bold decision, someone with leadership skills, someone with humility and perseverance to turn the fortunes of the country around,” he stated.



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